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Friday, August 09, 2002
Did you know?...

* Bears in Glasses

Bears in glasses

3 rare polar bears were rescued and bought over to the UK 3 weeks ago after they found in a mans back garden in Poland, with him claiming the polar bears were pets.

Rupert Herdwink, the man responsible for the bears rescue, said that he was very happy to have the bears in this country, but there was a problem with them being here. "The bears are used to looking at snow on the ground, and upon entering this country, it was discovered that the bears could not see in our British daylight".

Rupert contacted various vets and specialists before Sidney Fallpasser, a trainee vet in exotic mammals came up with this solution to "provide the bears with protection sunglasses allowing them to see in this country. The lens colour can then be slowly lightened over time thus gradually adjusting the bears eyes gently to our bright daylight".

Rupert Herdwink said that he must have been one of the only people that was glad that this summer has been so short "Due to the lack of continual sunshine, there has been a mountain of unused sunglasses. This has helped our cause as manufacturers have donated glasses to us to help the polar bears. We have allowed the names of the companies to advertise on the info cards for the bears. It really is handy as the glasses fall off so the bears get through several if not more, pairs a day. It is nice to know that we have all these glasses for free else it would cost us a small fortune."

It is anticipated that, providing there is no more days of bright sunshine, that the bears will be free of their glasses by October.

posted by Karen 9:37 AM [edit] 


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