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Tuesday, May 07, 2002
Did you know?...

* Paul Daniels, about to get mauled by a polar bear, yesterdayPaul Daniels, the "You'll like it... Not a lot" magician, has decided to come out of retirement and go make his fortune in Las Vegas. But wife, the lovely Debbie McGee won't be appearing on-stage as his assistant. "Oh no," Paul told us, "Debbie's got other fish to fry. Mainly cod and plaice... she's taken a job at the local chippie you see. Well, times are hard, so that is why I'm off to Vegas to make us lots of cash."

Inspired by legendary Vegas magic acts like Siegfried and Roy with their menagerie of albino lions and tigers, Paul's on-stage partner will be Roxy the Polar Bear. "You can't do magic in Vegas and not have a ferocious white animal on stage with you," explained Daniels. "You'd be booed off stage. I'm sure Roxy will do an admirable job as my assistant. The only problem is trying to crowbar her into Debbie's old stage outfits. Have you ever tried to get an 800 pound polar bear into a rhinestone bikini?"
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:09 PM [edit] 


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